Chicago Benge #524:
The Bussell Trumpet


Bob Bussell purchased this horn, used, in 1943,
for $200. He later sold it when he started medical school,
but then re-purchased it two years later. He has owned it,
and played it, ever since. It's had a few repairs along
the way but it plays quite well!

The serial number is pretty much worn away on the
outside, but Elden Benge also stamped the serial
numbers on the valves. All three valves are stamped
"524" as clearly as the day they were made.

I see no indication that anything was ever stamped on the
bottom of the 2nd valve casing, but it's possible that any
stamp may have been buffed out along the way.

Serial number on valve-#524
Although quite worn away at this point, this is the
original bell, with the "Hand-Tempered" stamp.
Also, this pre-dates the use of the staff logo.


Valve Caps-#524

These look like Conn Director caps to me.


Although the receiver was removed/reattached
during repairs, I have no reason to believe
that it isn't the original receiver, as the earliest
Benges had single-line receivers.

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