Questions and Theories

(updated 8/16/20)


When I started this project in December 2005 there were the obvious questions: what was the
first Chicago? What was the last? How many were made?

Along the way a number of other questions have presented themselves. This page will put
those questions out there, with my theories regarding the possible answers. Since I meet, email
or speak with a new person on the phone virtually every week, it's amazing how quickly
the theories can evolve. As always, I welcome comments, whether you agree with me or not,
and I welcome the questions that may have been on your mind.

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1. What was the first Chicago Benge? (updated 11/17/10)

2. What was the last Chicago Benge? (updated 7/27/17)

3. Which was the first trumpet completely made by Elden Benge? (updated 2/25/07)

4. How many Benges were made in Chicago, Burbank and Los Angeles? (updated 8/16/20)

More questions to come!

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