Northwestern University

February 28, 2007

On Wednesday, February 28th at noon I presented the second of my three recitals for the D.M. degree at
Northwestern. This one was my Lecture-Recital, entitled "Elden Benge and the Chicago Benge Trumpet."
I played a number of pieces, and there was an accompanying Power Point presentation with historical
pictures and documents.
Trumpets played and shown were courtesy of Steve Winans, Steve Lewis, Ryan Zoghlin, David Sibley,
Steve Ward & Michael Lill.
Pieces performed included:
Chorale from Mahler's 3rd Symphony
Joe Lill, Brandon Eubank, Gabe Palmer & Roy Smith, trumpets
Chicago Benge C trumpets #2972, 2614 & 2429, and French Besson C #71719
Poulenc Sonata (1st movement)
Joe Lill (French Besson C #71719), Christine Witkowski (horn), Doug Rosenthal
(Benge trombone; no, not a Chicago, as there was no such thing)
The rest of the pieces were performed by
Joe Lill (trumpet) & Dr. Kay Kim (piano)
Boehme Concerto (2nd movement)
Chicago Benge C #2972 and Bb #610
Torelli Concerto (1st movement)
Chicago Benge D #2974
Rag Polka from Toot Suite
Chicago Benge Bb Cornet #2711
Bozza Caprice
Chicago Benge C #2972

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