Chicago Homes of Elden Benge

Although Elden Benge lived in four locations during
his time in Chicago (1933-1953), he only manufactured
trumpets in three of them, as evidenced by stationery
used in correspondence. Here are pictures of the three,
taken on August 18, 2006. On June 20, 2007 I learned
the address of Benge's first residence upon the move
from Detroit; when I get a picture of that one I'll
add it to the site.

2634 W. Berwyn Avenue, Chicago, IL
Source: Sibley correspondence
August 10, 1936


2511 N. Major Avenue, Chicago, IL
Earliest Source: Chicago Tribune
November 30, 1937
There were a series of Benge advertisements
from the early 1940's that give this address.
Featured endorsees included Ray Linn &
Chuck Peterson (Tommy Dorsey Band),
and James Stamp & James Remfrey
(Minneapolis Symphony).

1945 W. Morse Avenue, Chicago, IL
Source: Caselli receipt
May 20, 1946

He moved here in 1942; the bulk of the
Chicago Benges were made at the Morse
location, where Benge lived until moving
to Burbank, California in August 1953.

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